Celebrity MasterChef, The Big Bang Theory, The Good Wife – best TV on tonight

Pizza-making wars, Star Wars and legal wars in our top TV picks tonight Thursday 26 June

The Big Bang Theory – 8pm, E4


Nothing but great episodes left as season seven plays out, so enjoy. This week, the guys look forward to Star Wars Day, ie all the films back-to-back. Sheldon is in his element while scheduling the event: “I have a window built in after Phantom Menace for complaining.” 

But Leonard pops his balloon – and ours – with the news that Professor Proton has died. This, remember, was the TV presenter who inspired Sheldon to pursue a career in science and, as played (Emmy-winningly) by the venerable Bob Newhart, his every appearance has been a triumph.

It’s another classy turn from the stammering stand-up, even if it is – possibly – his final one on Big Bang. Special effects courtesy of Lucasfilm. No, really.

Celebrity MasterChef – 9pm, BBC1

On the menu in this edition: Leslie Ash, ex-EastEnders actor Alex Ferns, former Made in Chelsea socialite Millie Mackintosh, veteran choreographer Wayne Sleep and Tania Bryer (we weren’t sure, either: presenter and former weatherwoman). 

Their first task is to assemble a pizza on pre-made dough. “Less is more,” says Gregg, surely for the first time ever. “Do we have to use it all?” asks Wayne Sleep, eyeing up a bunch of asparagus suspiciously. Leslie Ash ignores the answer – “No!” – and piles on everything but the kitchen sink.

Those who only succeed in serving up “big lumps of dough” are then sent to a Hispanic restaurant, while the others must master tandoori chicken and Indian pancakes – most of which end up in the bin. “This is going to be fun, I can see that!” roars the head chef while his staff titter. Unfortunately, “fun” isn’t the word used across town when one contestant sets fire to the grill…

The Good Wife – 9pm, More4

Well, it’s been quite a series, what with the murder of Will coming out of nowhere. So surely its final episode will be a nice, quiet affair? Maybe everyone at competing law companies Florrick Agos and Lockhart Gardner has a glass of wine and decides that they’ll all just try to get along…

Pah, of course not. It’s the season finale so a cliff has to loom on the horizon and someone has to hang from it. By the end the futures of two major characters dangle in the air. Talk of a merger between the two companies grows louder – Alicia is in favour, her partner Cary Agos isn’t. Meanwhile, Diane’s position at the firm she founded looks shaky – that little rat Louis Canning wants her out.


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