6 ways Ricky Gervais should celebrate his birthday

Happy birthday, Ricky Gervais! From baths to dancing, here's how we think Mr Gervais should mark his big day

It’s Ricky Gervais’s birthday. Hip, hip, hooray! We’ve already blown out 53 candles and had some cake for you, obviously.


But there are plenty of ways we hope you’re celebrating…

With a birthday bath

If ever there was a day for a fun bath selfie, this is it. Preferably wearing a birthday hat, some streamers – perhaps even some funky coloured bubble bath to make it extra special?

The Derek star has already done this Vine, but we think there needs to be more Ricky, more jazz to that bath…

With a birthday dance

Today is the day that Ricky Gervais should do this dance everywhere he goes. We’ll join in. Promise.

With friends who tell you you’re ten years younger

50’s the new 40, 60’s the new 50, 70’s the new 60… everything’s fine. Just get jiggy with it.

With a cuddle from the cat

… and of course, getting birthday kisses