Radio 4 star Milton Jones developing comedy for BBC television

The comedian, who has made ten series of his Radio 4 show, is looking to finally make the leap to television, can reveal...


Comedian Milton Jones is hoping to move from radio to television, can reveal.


Jones, known for his gentle one-liners, is working on the sitcom with his radio writing collaborator Dan Evans.

It is hoped that he will star in the piece whichrevolves around his relationship with his father as they struggle to run the family shop.

The TV project is being developed by the BBC’s in-house TV comedy department and will see Jones bring his trademark gentle one-liner style of humour, which has brought him a huge radio following, to the more visual medium of TV. However the radio and TV projects are very different, sources confirm.

Ten series have so far aired on Radio 4 with various titles including The House of Milton Jones and Another Case of Milton Jones, all of which follow the adventures of the “character” Milton Jones who happens to have the same name as the comedian The latest Radio 4 incarnation is a new format Thanks a Lot, Milton Jones! 

In the latest radio show he and assistant Anton, played by regular collaborator Tom Goodman-Hill, have set themselves up as people who can help people anywhere – whether they need it or not – leading them to embark on various zany adventures. As Jones puts it on the show, there is “

“A lot of what I’ve done is very word-based and obviously, what I would do on telly would be more visual. I would lose a lot of the wordy stuff,” he told


* Jones is due to embark on a nationwide standup tour beginning in February. For ticket details go to