Matt Smith: James Bond’s got nothing on Doctor Who

"Is there a better format for a show?" asks the former sci-fi star


What makes Doctor Who the longest-running sci-fi series in history? A great team, a great cast, great characters…? 


Matt Smith can tell you exactly why and he doesn’t need many words to do so…

“Is there a better format for a show?” he asked the audience at the Wizard World Comic Con last weekend. “Man can go anywhere. Man picks up hot chicks. Man travels universe. Man fights aliens. Man can change. Beat that, television. James Bond’s got nothing on us.” 

Well said, Matt Smith. Although we reckon Karen Gillan’s hopes for new Doctor Peter Capaldi could make for an even better format. “I’m hoping he swears all the time and they bleep it out with Tardis sounds,” she joked with the crowd of Whovians in Philadelphia.

Smith – who calls Capaldi a friend – also has high hopes for his successor. “I think he’s going to bring his reinvention and I think it’s going to be really bold and really interesting. He’s a fabulous actor, he’s having a great time. I think he’s pretty tired now they’re on week 24.”


But the eleventh Doctor does have one bee in his bonnet… “Can I just add – not that I’m bitter – they’re going to Mexico City, Rio, Seoul and Sydney. We went to Belfast. Belfast is a nice place but it’s not Mexico City.”