Karen Gillan poses naked and you’ve stopped reading this sentence

Doctor Who star takes topless selfie in article you have already clicked on


Words words words. Etc etc etc. It doesn’t matter what I write here, you’re staring at the picture. 


All done?

Karen Gillan, the former Doctor Who companion and your current reason for living, took the saucy selfie to promote her new show. Her new show is also called Selfie, because that’s how marketing works.

The sitcom sees Karen play a vain, social media obsessed airhead… and you’ve gone again. Look, just save the picture for later, finish reading and at least pretend you’re only here for the articles.

The sitcom sees Karen play a vain, social media obsessed airhead, forced to learn humility from a marketing consultant (John Cho). It’s a modern update to My Fair Lady and features Gillan putting on a horrendous American accent. It seems like a tough sell to be honest, hence the selfie.

Fans can look forward to seeing even more skin from Gillan: her scalp. This August she’s starring as the bald, blue villainess Nebula in Marvel’s latest superhero romp Guardians of the Galaxy.

Right, that’s it, you’ve reached the end. Enjoy.