Matt Smith: “If my Doctor had carried on he’d have become a bit meaner”

The former Doctor Who actor was joined by his one-time co-star Karen Gillan to discuss their experience of the Whoniverse...


When Matt Smith handed the reins over to Peter Capaldi last Christmas, many a Whovian tear was shed. Amy Pond’s Raggedy Man was a fan favourite thanks to his kooky mannerisms, kind heart and quirky dress sense. But, according to Smith, the Eleventh Doctor might not have remained so good-natured had he continued in the role. 


“If my Doctor had carried on he’d have become a bit meaner and a bit tougher,” the show’s former star revealed at last weekend’s Wizard World Comic Con. “The universe would have weighed on his shoulders a little more which would have been cool.”

“Damn, I should have stayed,” he added, jokingly.

Smith was joined at the Phildadelphia event by his former co-star and good friend Karen Gillan who played companion Amy Pond until her departure with Arthur Darvill in September 2012. So, what could Amy have done if the Scottish actress had chosen to remain in the Whoniverse? 

“Maybe there could be a series where we see Amy in therapy when she went through four psychiatrists,” she suggested. “She’s talking about the Raggedy Man and they’re like, ‘You’re crazy!'” 

Like the sound of that? Well, you’ve got a fan in the audience to thank for an even better suggestion. What if the pair were to switch places with Karen playing the Doctor and Matt as her assistant…? 


“Wow, we should ask Steven [Moffat] if we can make that episode.” Good suggestion, Matt Smith. Get Moffat on the line. “Yes, that means I’m a kissogram,” he added, to plenty of applause from the audience. Now, that’s something we’d all like to see, including his flame-haired co-star. “You’re hired,” she declared.