Andy Murray and the famous faces who’ve guest-edited the Beano

The reigning Wimbledon champion tries his hand at editing the comic and gets a cartoon makeover alongside Dennis the Menace and Gnasher


Reigning Wimbledon champ Andy Murray has guest-edited his own edition of the Beano comic.


The tennis star is seen in a bit of bother in the comic strip after trying to learn to be a menace with Dennis the Menace.

Murray writes in his editor’s letter, “Olympic gold was my proudest moment; becoming the first male British Wimbledon winner for 77 years was amazing – but this might be my greatest title yet: Andy Murray, editor of the Beano.”

The comic has been running for just slightly less time than Britain’s Wimbledon drought lasted and editor Craig Graham notes, “It’s amazing to think that Andy is the only British man to have won Wimbledon in the entire 76-year history of the Beano.

“Andy was a great sport throughout his week in charge, and he’s welcome in the Beano office any time.”

Of course, Murray isn’t the first famous face to guest-edit the long-running comic…

Nick Park

In 2008 Wallace and Gromit creator Nick Park guest-edited the 2008 issue that marked Gnashional Menace Day. The issue had an extra eight pages and the Beano-themed anniversary helped raise money for the CLIC Sargent charity, with kids sponsored to behave like a menace for the day. 

Harry Hill

In March of last year, comedian Harry Hill gave the Beano a makeover. The TV Burp star appeared on the front cover alongside Dennis the Menace who was missing his iconic hair ‘do. It became ‘The Bald Issue’, with Hill contributing to the strips and adding his own editor’s letter, too. 

Richard Hammond

Top Gear’s ‘Hamster’ took on the editing duties of the Beano in November 2013, with a familiar task in hand – to identify the man behind the Stig helmet. The issue was used to promote Hammond’s latest book – Great Mysteries of the World – as well as having a Grand Prix theme, which saw popular characters get into motoring mishaps. 

Murray’s special issue is on sale from Wednesday this week


Main image: PA Wire