Wimbledon, Coronation Street, Murdered by My Boyfriend – best TV on tonight

Wimbledon kicks off in the SW19, drama continues in the soaps and domestic violence reveals its true self in today's top TV picks Monday 23 June


Wimbledon 2014 – 11:30am, BBC2


You can take your tarnished World Cup, Mr Blatter, and boot it into Row Z, because this is one title we can lift. Yes, Britain has a Wimbledon champion preparing to defend his singles crown – and we’ve been waiting 78 years to say that. 

What I wonder will it be like commuting daily to London SW19, via the armchair and widescreen TV, without willing an end to the most agonising losing streak in British sport? 

It will be hard to break the habits of a lifetime: the superstitious pre-match rituals, the involuntary grunting, the bananas between sets, the inevitable choking – and that’s just in my sitting room. At last we have a champion who can vanquish the rest – the peerless Swiss, the Spanish matador, the Serb with dynamite in his racket. Crikey, we can relax at last! Can’t we?

Coronation Street – 7:30pm, ITV

It’s heartening to see that there’s a traditional order of service for Tina McIntyre’s funeral. By which I mean Opening Prayer, Welcome, Tribute, Hymns, Accusations, Committal, Punch-Ups and Arrests. The added spark is that a drunken Peter Barlow seems to be doing a pretty good job of digging his own grave when he tells the shocked mourners that he and Tina are now even, after she ruined his life. 

Pretty sure that even DS Stupid Soap Policeman and his sidekick DC Clueless Copper will have their suspicions roused by such crazy talk. Of course, killer Rob is still covering his tracks, although he does inadvertently unnerve Tracy during Wednesday’s episode.

Murdered by My Boyfriend – 9pm, BBC3

Ashley is 17 when she meets Reece at a party. He is older and charming, showering her with gifts and compliments. When he jealously starts checking her messages, she sees it as a show of how much he loves her. When he hits her, she convinces herself that she provoked his outburst.

Based on a real-life story, this harrowing one-off drama depicts the emotional and physical battering that Ashley endures over the course of their four-year relationship. Her voiceovers and agonised conversations with friends highlight the complex psychological factors that prevent women from leaving abusive partners even when their lives are at risk.


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