Fargo, Antique’s Roadshow, A Cabbie Abroad – best TV on tonight

Wrap up your weekend with one of our top telly picks tonight Sunday 22 June


Antique’s Roadshow – 8:15pm, BBC1


A woman befriended as a child by an elderly Agatha Christie when they were both in hospital makes an astonishing confession – she’s never read a single Christie novel. The expert is outraged, particularly as Christie wrote her a handwritten goodwill message. The visitor has brought it with her and it’s worth more than you might think.

It’s a low-key little treasure among some serious bling. A couple bring in what turns out to be the entire contents of a Victorian jewellery shop, complete with scores of tiny mosaics and unmounted cameos. An unprepossessing-looking bronze of a man on a horse is worth more than it looks, while a gorgeous pair of diamond earrings make everyone swoon.

A Cabbie Abroad – 9pm, BBC2

Poverty, injustice, genocide: not obvious topics for a learning-the-ropes reality show, but BBC2’s The Worst Place to Be… series showed you could send Brits to work in the Third World and use their experience as a prism for bigger issues. This is a spin-off, featuring the very likeable Mason McQueen, a London cabbie who now tries plying his trade in Cambodia, while living with a cheery Phnomh Penh tuk-tuk driver and his family. 

The aftershocks of the Khmer Rouge, routine state oppression and just the everyday toughness of being dirt-poor all come through loud and clear, as does the lax highway code. “Bonkers!” wails Mason. “The place is nuts!”

Fargo – 9pm, C4

When Fargo kicked off nine episodes ago, you could have been forgiven for wondering what there was to gain from turning the Coen Brothers’ Oscar-winning cult hit into a TV series. But the episodic format has really worked for the unfolding multiple-murder mystery and its mix of eerie, darkly comic drama and quirky characters. 

Among a host of great performances, our own Martin Freeman has been excellent as Lester Nygaard, the hapless insurance salesman who turns out to be a bit of a psycho. But the stand-out turn is from Billy Bob Thornton as enigmatic hitman Lorne Malvo. As the series careers towards its end tonight, will we finally find out what he wants and how Lester features in his plans?


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