Jeremy Paxman’s last Newsnight – Boris bikes, Twitter jokes and a song from Jon Snow

The grand inquisitor presented his final edition of the BBC2 current affairs flagship last night, drawing tributes from his Channel 4 counterpart, the London Mayor - and, of course, Twitter

Jeremy Paxman bowed out of his role as Newsnight’s arch inquisitor last night, and a nation paid its respects.


The BBC2 current affairs show punched well above its weight in the ratings with an overnight audience of 1.1 million – almost as much as Big Brother! Meanwhile, London Mayor Boris Johnson treated Jezzer to a tandem bike ride around the capital, Channel 4 News presenter Jon Snow took part in a bizarre sing-song outside the BBC building and, of course, Twitter made jokes…

Where to watch it?

Boris takes Jeremy for a ride…

“This is like being the back end of a pantomime horse!”

Jon Snow serenades Paxman

Be warned, this clip has a high cringe factor…

What next for Paxman?

The regeneration game


The end of an era