Game of Thrones season 5: There will be Dorne, dragons, White Walkers and angry giants

"The White Walkers aren’t going away, the dragons aren’t getting any smaller, the giants are more pissed than ever," say Dan Weiss and David Benioff

Game of Thrones series four might have come to an end just days ago, but showrunners Dan Weiss and David Benioff are already talking season five.


The pair, who know what’s to come in Westeros right up until George RR Martin’s epic conclusion, have shared some very illuminating thoughts with Entertainment Weekly.

Here’s what they’ve revealed about series five….  

1. We are heading to the Red Viper’s homeland. “There will be Dorne, and we’re excited about it,” the showrunners said. “Who wouldn’t want to hang out in Dorne? They have admirable values and priorities. And have you seen Oberyn’s coat?”

2. Littlefinger is aiming for the Iron Throne. “He wants everything. He wants to sit on that throne. By necessity, his path there will be twisted and indirect. But everything he does in some way points to that goal.”

3. Varys’ motivations will be revealed. “He throws away the entire life he’s built for himself in King’s Landing to save Tyrion’s life. ‘Now what?’ will become eminently clear in season 5.”

4. The fantasy elements are going up a gear. “The White Walkers aren’t going away. The dragons aren’t getting any smaller. Melisandre’s still sorceressing, the giants are more pissed than ever.”

5. Westeros is getting smaller. “It’s been an expanding universe and will now start to contract. Which doesn’t mean we won’t meet any new characters in season 5, because we will. But it’s going to start to shrink for sure.


6. There will be more deaths. Obviously. “There are some characters who will die that I won’t think people will predict. And as George has said, we’re killing off more characters than in the books and will continue to do so.”