Frozen director says “Never say never” to a sequel to the Disney hit

Want more icy action? The directors haven’t written off a follow up to Anna and Queen Elsa’s story…

Director Jennifer Lee says a sequel to Disney’s animated hit Frozen isn’t entirely off the table.


Perhaps that’s no shock given that the Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel chart-topper is the highest-grossing animated film of all time. Disney is committed to making memorable films for children, for sure, but it’s there to make money too.

While they’re not actually working on a sequel as yet, Lee tells E! News, “We’ll see. Never say never.”

Disney executive producer Don Hahn, who worked on Disney’s recent live-action flick Maleficent, concurs, “I think the audience would always love to see more of those characters.”

There’s surely more to tell, right? Queen Elsa and Princess Anna could get into another snowy mishap. One that ideally requires the help of talking snowman Olaf. Maybe it could even be summer and the adorably clueless Olaf could be struggling to stay frozen.

But Lee, who directed alongside Chris Buck, says that for now they’re looking elsewhere.

“We are going to take a break and try something new maybe, see what happens.”


Of course they’re also working on the Frozen musical, which will showcase on Broadway. And we’re all still singing title track Let it Go. So you know, we can probably wait for a sequel.