Fostering & Me with Lorraine Pascale, Celebrity MasterChef, Big Bang Theory – best TV on tonight

Change up your dinner rituals with our top telly picks tonight Thursday 19 June

Big Bang Theory – 8pm, E4


Plenty of eating goes on in Big Bang, but there’s rarely evidence of any cooking. Takeaways and restaurants are the norm, so the gang’s discretionary spending must be huge. Good news for anyone considering a career in science or technology… in America at least.

Anyway, Sheldon treats Penny to an Asian-fusion meal out, as part of the newly reinstated “Anything Can Happen Thursday”. And if you think that sounds incongruous (“I don’t understand my food,” says Sheldon), wait for their trip to a clairvoyant.

It’s an episode of odd occurrences, then: elsewhere the oversensitive Raj actually wants to watch a “straight-up gorefest” on DVD, but why? Seems he’ll do anything for love… 

Celebrity MasterChef – 9pm, BBC1

“We’re just about to shorten the life of some head chefs,” grimaces Gregg Wallace as he and John Torode pack off the latest batch of five celebrities to work in two professional kitchens. 

They made a right mess of the first burger-making challenge (“That poor chicken would have been safer crossing the road!” says John about Amanda Burton’s chicken patty, before refusing even to taste Ken Morley’s offering of fried – yes, fried – lettuce). Now they leave out vital ingredients, burn toast and drop pretty well everything else on the floor. 

On the basis of this performance, it’s hard to see any of this lot being crowned MasterChef champion.

Fostering & Me with Lorraine Pascale – 9pm, BBC2

Junior is ten and a charming, remarkably self-possessed little boy. He beams at TV chef Lorraine Pascale as she makes a cake and asks him about being in foster care. “I really love [it]… the first night is scary, it’s like a big old question mark in your heart, thinking why has this happened. But there’s no point being sad or angry… you have life around you and anything can happen.”

It’s an erudite precis of a life that Pascale knows well. She was fostered as a small baby, given up for adoption at 18 months old and then fostered again when her adoptive parents’ marriage broke down. Here she traces the families who took her in and who shaped her life. 

But there are some shocks. Pascale reads her social services notes and learns, for the first time, why she was deemed a “child at risk” from her adoptive mother.


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