Tom Hardy and Emily Browning film Krays movie Legend in London

The pair recently filmed a wedding scene at St Anne's church in Limehouse for the upcoming movie

Keep an eye out for Tom Hardy playing both of the Kray twins this week in London, as shooting for the movie is well under way in the capital.


The Inception actor was snapped looking extremely gangster as Ronnie Kray, with his slicked back hair, some 60s-style glasses, braces and a white shirt. Hardy also played Reggie Kray at St Anne’s church, E14, and was joined by Summer in February actress Emily Browning, who was wearing a ’60s wedding dress and will play Reggie’s wife Frances Shea in the movie.

Hardy will change clothes, taking off his glasses to play Ronnie’s brother Reggie Kray in the film, and will have a double when scenes are required with both the gangster brothers.

The violent Kray twins were responsible for The Firm – an organised crime unit in east London during the ’50s and ’60s. They were involved in robberies, protection rackets and murders in the area and owned a West End nightclub, which hosted acts including Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra.

This is not the first time the legendary brother’s have been portrayed on screen; in the ’90s, Spandau Ballet stars Martin and Gary Kemp played Reggie and Ronnie in Peter Medak’s movie The Krays.

Legend is set for release in 2015.


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