Steve Martin rubbishes Father of the Bride III rumours

Contrary to reports over the weekend, the franchise's leading man took to Twitter to announce he hasn't had an offer or even read a script


On Sunday it sounded like Father of the Bride 3 was a go but its supposed star Steve Martin has since put to bed excitement among fans by denying all involvement.


The 68-year-old took to Twitter yesterday to refute rumours that a third film is in production – a report that first appeared on, the eponymous website set up by the founder of industry insider Deadline. 

Finke’s initial report on Father’s Day claimed that Disney and Warner Bros were sorting out the rights to Father of the Bride 3 with Charles Shyer on board to write and direct and Martin to reprise his role as George Banks.

Her source reported the script would focus on the gay marriage of Banks’ son Matty (originally played by Kieran Culkin) to a Navy SEAL’s son – a move which had George “thunderstruck and speechless” resulting in his wife Nina (Diane Keaton) kicking him out of the house.  


If it did go ahead – and that’s now a big “if” – the film would be the first original movie in the franchise. 1991’s Father of the Bride was based on the 1950 version of the same name while 1995’s sequel was loosely inspired by 1951’s Father Little Dividend.