Made in Chelsea in New York – first look

Binky, Alex, Spencer, Jamie, Lucy and co are hitting up the Big Apple this summer. America won't know what's hit it...


There was no sobbing into diamond encrusted hankies as the Made In Chelsea bid farewell in yet another series finale tonight. They’re far too busy hitting up the Big Apple this summer and, by the looks of it, Spenny, Jamie & co are taking NYC by storm…


The first glimpse of the gang’s trip across the pond aired this evening and the minute-long trail certainly didn’t disappoint…

There was shopping. (Sex and the City, eat your heart out)

Mark Francis’ words of wisdom (“New York doesn’t let you rest”)

The obligatory bitchy glances.

And then there was this…

Nope, we’re not sure what that is either. Of course, just because we’ve left Chelsea behind doesn’t mean there’s no drama and it looks like there’s plenty more to come from Binky and Alex judging from this pensive expression:

But as for the rest of the cast? Well, they’re looking pretty chuffed. Wouldn’t you if you’d succeeded in wangling a six-week stay in the States with all your mates?


Keep your eyes peeled for plenty more where that came from when the MIC cast return to screens this summer. We. Can’t. Wait.