John Cusack and Adrien Brody will join Jackie Chan in his latest Chinese action film

The trio will star in the historical epic Dragon Blade, the most expensive Chinese-language film to date

John Cusack and Adrien Brody will star opposite Jackie Chan in the action star’s latest movie, Dragon Blade. At $65 million, the historical epic is the most expensive Chinese-language film to ever go into production, according to The Hollywood Reporter.


The film’s story is inspired by a missing legion of Roman soldiers that traveled into China in 48 BCE during the Han Dynasty. Lucius (Cusack) is a Roman general who leads a legion of soldiers into China and is being chased after by Tiberius (Brody) who assassinated Rome’s Consul Crassus. The Commander of the Protectorate of the Western Regions (Chan) and Lucius team up to protect China’s borders and sovereignty.

“It is a dream to finally work with Jackie. Aside from my longtime appreciation for his many talents, he is a beacon of generosity, and an inspiration to me,” Brody said. “Dragon Blade is a tale of mythical proportions — of good prevailing over evil — and an opportunity for me to explore a character whose ambition challenges his honor.”

The movie has finished shooting at Hengdian World Studios and will soon begin shooting in the historic city of Dunhuang and the Gobi Desert, Chan said at the Shanghai Film Festival.


Dragon Blade is scheduled for global release in 3D IMAX in China and international markets on next year’s Chinese Lunar New Year’s Day (19 February). Chan’s next projects include the action comedy Skiptrace and Chinese Zodiac II, his sequel to the award-winning 2012 action film.