Help Sherlock Holmes set a Guinness World Record

Grab your deerstalker hats! London fancy dress event set to chalk up an award for Mr Holmes

Sherlock Holmes could find himself with a brand new Guinness World Record.


MX Publishing, the world’s largest Sherlock Holmes publishers, is making a bid for The Most Amount of People Dressed as Sherlock Holmes in one place.

It’s taking place at University College London on July 19th, which is rather fittingly located on Gower Street, just moments from BBC’s fictional Baker Street in the Sherlock TV series.

The record will be a new entry into the record book and needs just 250 people to make the entry happen, Guinness World Records confirms to

Unfortunately, this won’t be the record to end all records, as the venue itself can only hold up to 400 people. Slight sticking point. So this’ll be a minimum of 250, max 400 record entry.

But 400 Sherlock Holmes’s in one place will be quite the sight to see, eh?

Don’t think about turning up in your bed sheet, either. There’s a minimum requirement on the outfit. You must be wearing a deerstalker and a cloak while clutching a pipe and magnifying glass. For those wondering where they’ll scoop those up in time, fear not. If you have a cloak, you can purchase a higher-priced ticket that comes with the rest.

A new book will also be launching on the day entitled Two, To One Be, which charts the efforts to save Arthur Conan Doyle’s former home, Undershaw.

For more information and how to buy tickets, check out the Eventbrite website