Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

16-20 June: Karl helps Holly prepare for her audition, while Naomi pretends that she has a stalker

Monday 16 June


With both of their families suffering, Lauren and Brad decide to abandon the search for their daughter. Little do they know that there is another shock in store. Brennan realises that he cannot break the law, even if it means angering Paul. When Holly’s audition for the talent quest goes poorly, Karl discovers her real motivations for trying to join the show. 

Tuesday 17 June

A young woman named Paige arrives in Erinsborough looking for her parents and is moved when she comes face-to-face with Lauren. Noticing that her arrival has ruffled some feathers, she decides to wait to reveal her identity. Chris and Will find that their dogs do not get along. Georgia is already stressed about Kyle’s imminent arrival when she receives a phone call and some upsetting news. 

Wednesday 18 June

Paige gets a job at Harold’s in order to be closer to Lauren. She arranges to meet Brad, but as she does more detective work on her family, she realises that the situation is far from simple. Amber causes trouble by disregarding Josh’s request not to spend time with Daniel. Kyle and Georgia are reunited, while Chris is left feeling isolated as he and Will separate. 

Thursday 19 June

After making only a half-hearted effort at the singles night, Naomi finds a way to use the event to her advantage by turning up at Toadie’s house claiming that a stranger followed her home. To her delight, Toadie sees her safely to her door. Amber, meanwhile, is panicked to discover that Daniel is working at the event as a bartender, but relaxes enough to play matchmaker for Imogen. Josie and Bailey encourage Callum to follow his dreams, but Toadie and Sonya are less keen. 

Friday 20 June


Kyle’s investigation into an unpaid invoice ends up turning up a new suspect in Kate’s murder. Sonya tries to get to the bottom of her anxiety about letting Callum go to America. Naomi continues to use her ‘stalker’ to get closer to Toadie, but is her ruse about to be discovered? After enjoying singles night, Brennan struggles with his guilt over Kate. Susan finds a new deputy principal.