Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

16-20 June: Darcy takes Harley and runs away, while Brax and Ricky become an item again

Monday 16 June


Brax tells Casey that Johnny Barrett was his father. Josh refuses to give him time for the news to sink in, and when Andy reveals that Brax tried to buy his silence, Casey snaps. Phoebe, who has been doing her best to get Kyle to sack her, calls in the cops. Before setting off to visit her father for two weeks, Sasha asks Matt if he will still be there when she returns. 

Tuesday 17 June

As Casey struggles with his new identity as a Barrett, Kyle tries to convince him that family is not just about blood. The message gets through, but Casey decides to leave Summer Bay for a while. Nate lays his heart on the line during a lunch date with Ricky, but all she can think about is Brax. Phoebe tells Kyle that she can take care of herself when he stands up to Brax on her behalf. Alf throws Josh out when he finds him sleeping with Maddy in her bedroom. 

Wednesday 18 June

After a night of passion, Ricky and Brax are an item again, leaving Nate heartbroken. Alf relents after Marilyn intercedes on Josh and Maddy’s behalf. Discontent with only being a study buddy to Maddy, Oscar takes out his frustration on Zac, driving him back to the bottle. Marilyn supports John as the date for Gina’s memorial approaches. 

Thursday 19 June

Sadness engulfs John and Jett as they think back a year ago to the day that Gina died. They are mystified when Marilyn rushes off just before the memorial ceremony. Darcy is introduced to her new baby brother and quickly realises that Harley is causing problems between Heath and Bianca. Chris apologises to Tamara, but this has little effect. Zac promises to reform when Hannah and Evelyn tackle him about his drinking. 

Friday 20 June


Upset about having to go back to her gran’s, Darcy takes Harley and runs away. Zac passes out in his car after Bianca confronts him about a whisky bottle in her desk drawer. Oscar panics and drives off after hitting someone while attempting to get him home. Marilyn surprises John with a tribute to Gina’s memory. Could romance be in the air for Spencer and Evelyn?