Rik Mayall suffered heart attack after morning run, wife confirms

The comic legend's cause of death has been confirmed in a statement from his wife, although there is no official ruling from the coroner yet

Rik Mayall’s death was caused by a heart attack after he returned from a morning jog, his wife has confirmed.


The Young Ones’ actor died earlier this week at the age of 56. His wife, Barbara Robbin, has since released an official statement regarding her husband’s death, although, as of yet, there is no official coroner ruling on how he died. 

“We now know that our darling Rik suffered an ‘acute cardiac event’ at our home around midday on June 9th,” she wrote. “He had just returned from his usual run and many people had seen him that morning.”

She also used the statement to thank fans and the press for its tributes this week.

“I, Rosie, Sid, Bonnie and the many in our extended family who have received the thousands and thousands of messages of condolence from all over the UK and beyond these shores would like to say thank-you to each and every one of you for your heartfelt love and support.”

“I would also like to thank the press for their discretion at this time and for all the wonderful coverage that you have given Rik. It would have made him very happy. We always knew that Rik was well loved but we are all overwhelmed by so many joining us in our grief.”

She then signed off the statement in typical Rik Mayall fashion. 

“I am sure that you all know Rik’s response would be something along the lines of… ‘well thanks very much all of you… now F**K OFF!!!!'”


Earlier today (June 12), the coroner’s office stated that further tests were required to determine the official cause of death.