The real George RR Martin has joined Twitter

That's right, the man behind the world of Westeros has taken a quick break from penning The Winds of Winter to join Twitter

The keeper of the keys to Westeros has gone and joined Twitter. 


In between writing chapters of upcoming and much-anticipated novel The Winds of Winter, Game of Thrones author George RR Martin has joined the world of social media with the Twitter handle @GRRMspeaking.

It’s been just 22 hours and Martin has already racked up an impressive 20.7k followers. A number we are fairly sure will already be out of date by the time this article is live. 

He hasn’t done much to attract his new found followers (the man with the lives of all our favourite GoT characters in his hands doesn’t really need to publicise his presence) having tweeted just once, to kind of tell us not to expect many more…

Now we all know Twitter is full of imposters. There’s a very real chance you already thought you were following the author on Twitter, as @GeorgeRRMartin_ and @GeorgeRRMartin both have thousands of followers.


But while this new account might not be verified yet, it would appear that this time it’s for real. Random House, Martin’s publisher, have confirmed so on Twitter, saying: