Alex Mytton and Binky Felstead’s relationship reaches breaking point on Made In Chelsea

The fragile romance came under strain once again as Binky's friends deserted her and the boy's called for a break-up


Alex Mytton and Binky Felstead should have called it quits long ago so it came as no surprise that their fragile harmony came under strain yet again during this week’s Made in Chelsea. 


As tonight’s episode begun, we learnt that Binky had laid down some strict ground rules, telling Alex he was only allowed to drink when he was with her, not without her.” It transpired he’d also promised to steer clear of “the boys” as he attempted to mend his relationship. 

The boys certainly didn’t understand (Jamie: “They’re not going to get married, so…”) and, shockingly, neither did Lucy. “I’m almost starting to feel sorry for Alex,” she told Louise and Cheska. While we picked our jaws up from the floor, she continued: “You have to forgive them and move forward. It doesn’t make sense to get back together with someone and punish them for the rest of their lives.” 

But Binky seemed content on dredging up the past – “a one-way ticket to doomsville,” predicted Sam – and, sure enough, when the couple turned up to the pub to meet him and older sister Louise, it didn’t take long for Binky to dissolve into tears. “He’s a prick and we’ve been arguing,” she told the assorted company, bringing up the “six girls he f**ked” yet again. “I’m so fed up of feeling like this. It’s so s**t,” she sobbed. 

And it wasn’t just Alex who was pushing Binks to breaking point. Her former BFFs Cheska and Lucy had fallen silent, leaving Binky to resort to the company of Mark Francis, Victoria and Sophie. And Binky’s bad day didn’t end there. Later at the Hollywood party Cheska picked her moment to deliver some home truths to her friend. 

“I think it’s taken me a bit too long to realise we don’t really have a friendship,” she said. “We haven’t for a long time but forever will I love you and I see you happy and that’s all I ever want, for you to be happy. I’m always here but I need to step back.” 

“I think you’ve already done that but thank you,” Binky retorted. “It has finished – I feel like it has gone – which is a shame. That’s what happens growing up.” 

And with a tearful Lucy still not speaking to her, it looks like things are only set to get worse for poor Binks. Next week sees the boys collectively decide the couple need to end things for good – will they take their friends’ advice…? 


The current series of Made in Chelsea concludes next Monday at 9:00pm on E4