Simon Reeve to explore the Caribbean in new travel show

The adventurer will venture to the tropical islands for a new BBC programme

After exploring Australia on screen, Simon Reeve will soon be travelling to the beautiful Caribbean to present a show, can reveal.


“I know, I’m going to be getting a lot of ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ and some green-eyed people saying ‘oh you lucky swine’,” Reeve revealed.

He will go to the mainland territories as well as to the islands, to investigate the issues in the region.

“In traveling programmes that I’ve done, we always try and incorporate the reality of life and big issues into a journey abroad,” said Reeve. The presenter is adamant that it won’t only be “about this lovely hotel over there”, instead he will meet local people and get a snapshot into real life.

“There’ll be some amazing people along the way, but there will also be some serious stuff that we explore as part of the journey, and I think that’s more exciting and more memorable as a result,” says Reeve.  “I just don’t want to go on journeys where I’m poncing along looking at swimming pools. It’s got to be about life that is lived in the countries that we go to.”

Although the airdate and name of the show are still up for debate, Reeve believes they will stick with a title of ‘Caribbean’. 

“TV now is all about doing what it says on the tin,” said Reeves. “Because we’re slaves to this electronic programme guide; flicking through, deciding what we’re going to watch. You’ve got to come up with something that grabs them by their short and curlies and draws them in.”

This weekend, Reeve’s new show Wildfires 2014: Inside the Inferno airs on BBC2. He travels to Australia where he will join Kate Humble and the Rural Fire Service and attempt to firefight in the arid bush.

Watch Wildfires 2014: Inside the Inferno 9pm, June 8, on BBC2


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