Real-life Toy Story: Help reunite Woody with his owner

The lost doll was found on the side of a motorway by sales executive Bev McNeill with "Liam" instead of "Andy" scrawled under his right foot


Bet you thought Toy Story could never happen in real life. Well, you were wrong. The discovery of a lost Woody doll on the side of a motorway has prompted an online campaign to reunite the toy with its owner Liam whose name is scrawled under his right foot. 


The shabby Woody was first found by sales executive Bev McNeill who spotted him lying on the hard shoulder of the M4 but was travelling too fast to pull over and rescue him. She made a note of the nearest lamppost and when she found herself in traffic at the same spot seven weeks later, ran from her car and rescued the dusty toy. 

The discovery mirrors a scene from the first movie which sees Woody (played by Tom Hanks) thrown from the back of a removal truck after the other toys suspect him of killing his rival Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen). 

“I’m a big fan of Toy Story and of Woody in particular,” said Bev, “and it was so sad to see him lying there on the side of the road – just like in the movie.

“I hopped out of the car, jumped over the barrier and found him. The guy in the car behind me was giving me a very strange look, but when I held up Woody to show him he just said ‘aww’.”


Woody found a home in Bev’s office for two weeks before her colleagues launched a Twitter campaign to reunite him with Liam, using the hashtag #getwoodyhome. Thousands of retweets later – and the endorsement of celebrities including Phil Tuffnell and Phil Vickery – and Woody might just get a happy ending once again.