Neighbours spoilers: the week ahead in Ramsay St

9-13 June: things get complicated between Brad and Lauren as they search for their daughter


Monday 9 June


Terese forces Brad to tell Lauren that he is continuing the search for their child. Lauren decides to accompany him to Adelaide, meaning that Matt has to postpone their vow renewal. Complications develop when circumstances dictate that Brad and Lauren have to share a motel room. Josh discovers Bailey sneaking another batch of Lou’s home brew out of the house, but agrees to keep it a secret. 

Tuesday 10 June

Leaving the previous evening’s awkwardness behind her, Lauren returns home and renews her vows with Matt. Brad’s lead in Adelaide appears to be a dead end, but is everything as it seems? Finding himself on the receiving end of mixed messages, Will questions his feelings for Chris. 

Wednesday 11 June

An alcohol-fuelled shoving match leads Bailey to alienate himself from Jayden and Josie, leaving Callum to pick up the pieces. Paul pushes aside his animosity towards Brennan to ask him for help in his search for Kate’s killer. Naomi sets up an evening out with a guy whom she thinks will catch Sonya’s eye, hoping that this will cause tension between the Rebecchis. The plan works – but not in the way she intended. 

Thursday 12 June

In the search for suspects, Paul urges Brennan to steal some revealing police documents. Waking up with a sore head and no recollection of the previous evening, Bailey realises that his drink problem has hit new depths. Sonya finds out that Callum has won a place on an internship in Silicon Valley, but refuses to allow him to go. Brennan realises that Imogen has a crush on him. 

Friday 13 June


After disagreeing with Sonya about Callum, Toadie turns to Naomi for support, who is happy to sympathise. To give her dad a boost, Holly tries to prove to Karl that she has inherited his musical genes by agreeing to enter a talent show. When he runs out of legal options, Brennan considers stealing an important file, but someone has their eye on him.