Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

9-13 June: Brax meets baby Harley for the first time with Ricky, while Phoebe turns out to be the waitress from hell at the diner


Monday 9 June


The Diner is quiet thanks to Chris’s risotto, and Marilyn assumes the worst when Irene gives her the afternoon off. Following Eloise’s departure, Sasha tries to get Matt to open up, but he just wants to fool around. Brax worries that the truth will out if Andy continues to question the baby photo. After seeing how good Brax is with Harley, Ricky decides to tell him about her pregnancy. 

Tuesday 10 June

Ricky’s revelation brings matters between herself and Brax to a head. Things are no better between Zac and Evie, but some wise words from Hannah and Spencer give them both pause for thought. Evie’s attempts at reconciliation are forestalled, however, when a furious Heath attacks Zac for sleeping with Bianca. 

Wednesday 11 June

Bianca accuses Heath of double standards over her affair with Zac. Phoebe shows an unexpected flair for publicity and organisation when she takes over Chris’s plan to drum up custom for the Diner. Zac is increasingly drowning his troubles at home and at work in drink. Evie confides in Hannah, who warns Zac that unless he sorts himself out, he will not be raising the twins with her. 

Thursday 12 June

Leah is back at home, but when Nate continues to fuss about her health, she correctly surmises that it is to avoid issues in his own life. Despite Spencer’s disapproval, Sasha steps in to help when they discover that Matt is now homeless. Phoebe’s first shift as a waitress at Angelo’s is a disaster, but how can Kyle fire her? Maddy turns to Oscar for support when Josh storms off after learning about her kiss with Spencer. 

Friday 13 June


Oscar tries to take Maddy’s mind off her troubles with Josh with a fun day. He is obviously smitten, but John gets the wrong end of the stick when Marilyn asks him to warn Oscar not to get his hopes up. Andy is back, having found out the truth of Casey’s paternity. Josh overhears Brax trying to buy his silence. Despite Ricky’s obvious involvement with Brax, Nate continues to harbour hopes of a reunion with her.