Britain’s Got Talent final, The Culture Show, Casualty – best TV on tonight

Another end to BGT, contemporary artists mingling and a dramatic 100th birthday celebration in tonight's top telly picks Saturday 7 June

Britain’s Got Talent: Live Final – 7pm, ITV


So, not surprisingly, David Walliams was pretty much out on his own with his golden-buzzer choice, Christian Spridon. Christian’s OTT performance – hovering somewhere between the tuneless Wagner and camp Rylan – didn’t get him into the final (unless this year’s wild-card act is very wild indeed). But you can never tell with BGT – after all, Kony Puppets were stopped halfway through their semi-final performance when all four judges pressed their red buzzers.

Either way, it’s now the final. After weeks of arduous auditions and performances, the remaining contestants are crossing their fingers that the voting public will like them best. Whatever you think of Simon Cowell, the blatant manipulation of our emotions through clever editing you can’t deny there have been some brilliantly entertaining acts along the way.

The Culture Show – Summer Exhibition – 7pm, BBC2

The largest open-submission contemporary art exhibition in the world, the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition is as much a fixture on the cultural calendar as Henley regatta, Wimbledon or Ascot. That pieces created by ordinary people are hung alongside those by the art world’s most famous names means there’s an amazing variety of work on show (the hanging committee select around 1,000 works from an initial submission of 10,000 or more). 

In previous years David Hockney and Tracey Emin have rubbed shoulders with emerging talents and total unknowns. Those of us not invited to the glamorous private view can still soak up the atmosphere and scrutinise the art in this special, which also takes a peek behind the scenes in the run-up to the opening.

Casualty – 9:20pm, BBC1

A gentleman is celebrating his 100th birthday in a care home, but – oh no! – the sparklers on the cake set light to the curtains! Fire! Fire! Everybody out! 

It’s a typical kick-in-the-shins Casualty opening and soon the emergency department is full of coughing, blanket-clad pensioners. But the care home manager (Stephen Kennedy, who’s Ian in The Archers) doesn’t care much, to the distress of nurse Rita, who cares a lot about everybody in the whole world.

Rita cares particularly about one silently beseeching old lady. “I’m just trying to find her some closure,” Rita says, overwrought because she’s sad and hasn’t had anything to eat. Someone get her a bag of crisps, quick.


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