How would Ricky Gervais like to die? Hint: not sat on a spike

The Derek star isn't interested in a comedy death


Derek star Ricky Gervais is entertaining America, doing the rounds of the US chat shows.


Yesterday he was playing word games with Jimmy Fallon. Today he is discussing his demise with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show. 

The slightly morbid conversation begins when Stewart remarks that Gervais wasn’t looking as fit as he’d seen him in the past (how rude…) and after a little discussion about Ricky’s fitness routine – “I’m basically a fat guy at heart and it’s killing me…trying to keep fit is literally killing me” – talk turns to how the comedy star would rather die than continue working out. Believe us, Ricky. We’ve all been there. 

When it comes to exactly how he’d like to depart this life, though, the star is adamant that he doesn’t want a comedy death, or to die “of a bad sense of humour”, as he puts it.

“I’ve got a list of things I don’t want to do,” Gervais says. “I don’t want to die being squashed by a safe or something. I don’t want a comedy death.”

Other routes to the afterlife Gervais rules out include “running into a tunnel and coming out [on the front of] a train” and sitting on a spike. Which we have to say are all fair enough…


The Daily Show airs tonight at 00.45am on Comedy Central Extra