The Island with Bear Grylls to return for second series – might it be an all-female show?

Channel 4 has commissioned another dose of reality survival but it is "yet to be decided on who the new grouping might be"

Thanks to strong viewing figures, The Island with Bear Grylls will return to Channel 4 next year.


The last episode of the survival reality show aired last night, and the series saw an average 3.1 million viewers tuning in over the run.

Grylls wanted to explore the concept of modern man attempting to survive if he is stripped of his creature comforts; smartphones, hairdryers, and laptops. He put 13 men on a tropical island, and deliberately selected normal men to take part; one call centre worker, a farmer, a writer and so on. Grylls sent them off with only one day’s survival training.

After negative press about the show’s male-dominated cast, the adventurer said he was keen to do a female-only version of the series.

“I wanted to do a study of masculinity, of man, of what the struggle is for modern men. What I’d love to do next is exactly the same with women,” Grylls said at a press conference. “I think there is an equally big challenge in what makes a modern day, empowered strong woman,” he continued.

And that might be set to become a reality. Channel 4 released a statement explaining that “it has yet to be decided on who the new grouping might be” in series two.

The Island show saw the contestants search for their water and food while on the tropical island. The men suffered dehydration, hunger and lack of sleep while getting accustomed to the conditions.

“Series one proved that it was one of the toughest survival shows on television,” said Bear Grylls. “The Island has been a totally immersive experience for these men. What you see is what they went through… We’ve shared in their courage, their pain, their triumphs and their failures. At the end of it, I’ve developed an incredible respect for these men and how they endured the experiment set before them. I’m so excited to take the next group on this adventure in series two, and see if they too have the will to go through the hardship and fight for their very survival.”

Liam Humphreys, head of Channel 4’s factual entertainment added: “It’s a brilliant concept which has exceeded our expectations and we are delighted to be bringing back Bear’s experiment in an even bigger way. I can’t wait for it to return and watch another group face the ultimate survival challenge.”

It’s unknown what form the new group of survivors might take, but the next series is expected to air in 2015.


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