Gordon Buchanan ventures to Canada to film wolf nature documentary

New BBC show Snow Wolf Family & Me will explore the lives of these arctic beasts, and its presenter will attempt to be accepted by a wild pack

After the success of Bear Family & Me and Polar Bear Family & Me, Scottish wildlife filmmaker Gordon Buchanan (Springwatch, Big Cat Diary) is going north on a thrilling journey that will see him come face to face with one of our most feared predators – the wolf.


In two 60-minute episodes, Snow Wolf Family & Me will investigate the arctic wolf species and see Buchanan form a bond with a wild wolf family.

“The wolf is the ultimate emblem of the wild,” said Gordon Buchanan, “No other animal exerts such a powerful influence in our imaginations. The Arctic is ultimate wilderness. I want to explore the wolf’s true life in one of the harshest environments on the planet.”

Starting at Eureka on Canada’s Ellesmere Island, Buchanan will go in search of wolves and, when he finds them, will try and gain their trust.

We’ll watch as new born pups try to survive in one of the harshest terrains on earth and Buchanan encounters deadly muskoxs, snowy owls, arctic foxes, funny arctic hares and lemmings.


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