Gerbils, nip-slips and fanny packs – Ricky Gervais plays word games with Jimmy Fallon

The US chat show host challenged the Derek star to a game of Word Sneak. With hilarious consequences. Naturally.

Does Jimmy Fallon ever just interview his guests?


The chat show joker was up to his usual tricks on last night’s The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, challenging Derek star Ricky Gervais to a game of Word Sneak.

Never heard of it? Well, the two men were given five words that they had to secretly slip into conversation. Think mullet, breadsticks, gerbils and spanx. Suffice to say, they both failed to get any of their words into conversation undetected.


The result is funny though. Keep watching to the end – Fallon falls off his chair from laughing so hard…