Doctor Who: Battle of the series 8 fan-made trailers

Inspired by the BBC's fifteen-second trailer, Whovians have set about creating their own teaser trailers for the start of Peter Capaldi's tenure

Last month the BBC released its first teaser trailer for series eight of Doctor Who, with a tiny glimpse of the new Time Lord, Peter Capaldi. 


It’s just fifteen seconds long. A tad short, but it did come with the exciting news that the latest series would launch in August – earlier than expected. 

Now, Whovians have set about creating their own fan-made trailers for series eight. They’re jam-packed with shots of Capaldi, Jenna Coleman as Clara and even some Daleks. 

Check out the BBC’s version and our pick of the best fan versions below…

1. Fifteen seconds from BBC

2. Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman emerge from the Tardis into the rain

3. Daleks, explosions and a return to the rain

4. A celebration of previous Doctors as Capaldi arrives…


5. Clara meets the Doctor in the Tardis