See Hunger Games star Sam Claflin back in the water for upcoming rom-com Love, Rosie

In this world exclusive (don't say we don't treat you) Claflin and Lily Collins give us a sneak peek at the wet t-shirt action from romantic comedy Love, Rosie


Sam Claflin set hearts aflutter as spear-wielding hunk Finnick Odair in The Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire. 


There were a whole lot of half-naked action-hero antics in the water-based Hunger Games arena.

And guess what? He’s getting wet again for his part in upcoming romantic comedy Love, Rosie. 

For a bit of it, anyway. We’ve got the picture to prove it.

Love, Rosie is based on the best-selling novel Where Rainbows End from author Cecelia Ahern (PS I Love You). Claflin plays Alex Stewart who moves to the US to go to university with his best friend Rosie.  

But it’s not all going quite to plan, as this clip (which involves a rather awkward love scene) shows. 

Love, Rosie will be in cinemas this October and look out for a brand new trailer arriving this Wednesday.


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