Coronation Street spoilers: Owen and Anna to split? Ian Puleston-Davies interview

"Both of them are devastated, heartbroken and despairing at the situation they're in," says the actor


The relationship between Owen Armstrong (Ian Puleston-Davies) and Anna Windass (Debbie Rush) is to hit breaking point next week. With Owen venting his pent-up anger at Gary and the rest of the family learning about Anna sleeping with Phelan, it looks like there’s little chance of papering over the cracks. Here, actor Ian Puleston-Davies reveals whether there’s any chance of a way back for Owen and Anna.


So how does Owen feel in the wake of Anna’s confession?
He’s still in complete shock. He feels numb and keeps expecting to wake up and it all be a horrid dream. He’s had the biggest knock of all to his pride and he can’t quite believe that his agreement with Phelan has caused Anna to make the biggest sacrifice. He has to go away to Aberdeen for work but also to get some space. When he comes back he really doesn’t know how he’s going to face Anna. 

What’s been going through his mind while he’s been in Aberdeen?
His mind has been running riot. He just hasn’t been able to shake the thought of Anna with Phelan. Even though the situation was out of his hands he feels totally responsible. Owen is caught up between knowing that Anna did what she had to and feeling anger towards her for going through with it.

Does he want to forgive Anna? Can he get past what she’s done?
I don’t think it’s a case of him forgiving her. While Owen is devastated by what she’s done, deep down he also knows that Anna only did it out of love and protection for her family. The problem is that he feels it should have been him who saved his family and he’s completely heartbroken by what she had to put herself through to help them all. That’s the bit he can’t get past – and, of course, the thought of Anna with Phelan.

Does he blame himself or Gary?
Owen certainly feels responsible, but a big part of him does blame Gary as well. Owen can’t help but think that if Gary had kept his cool they wouldn’t be in this mess. Phelan knew what he was doing from day one – his goal was to push their buttons and see how far he could go and it was Gary who bit the bait. 

How does Owen react when he finds out that Anna has told Izzy and Katy about what she did?
He’s absolutely furious. To be honest I think anything would have set Owen off, but he is really really gutted when he discovers that they know about it. Owen’s worst fear is that Izzy and Katy will look at him differently and he doesn’t want them to think he’s weak. It’s all about his pride and he doesn’t want anyone else embroiled in his and Anna’s sordid mess. 

Tell us what happens when Gary returns home with a drunk Faye?
It’s the final straw for Owen. To be honest, I think he’s been waiting for an opportunity to blow at Gary because everything inside of him is at boiling point and it’s inevitable that Gary is going to get the brunt of it. Everything comes to the surface and he ends up punching him. 

How does Anna react to the situation?
Anna is starting to feel as though she has done her time and paid the ultimate price for what she did with Phelan. She actually feels as though she’s being overly punished by Owen for trying to save them. She knows that what she did must have destroyed Owen, but she’s starting to feel unsupported and as though she can’t continue to apologise anymore than she has. When Owen punches Gary, Anna errupts. She’s tired of Owen blaming Gary for the mess they are in when all she wants is them to support one another.

Why does Owen tell Gary about Anna and Phelan?
For a few different reasons, I think. In the heat of the moment, Owen gets angry and it comes spilling out. But he’s also looking to place the blame for what has happened anywhere he can – and by looking at the sequence of events, the only person other than himself to blame is Gary. He wants Gary to know how much damage he’s done. 

Is there any way back for Anna and Owen?
At this point it’s hard to say. Both of them are devastated, heartbroken and despairing at the situation they’re in. Anna doesn’t feel as though she can do any more to hold the family together and Owen can’t seem to come to terms with what Phelan did to her. 

Has this been a tough storyline to film?
It has been as we’ve all been working long hours and a lot of the scenes have been quite tough going. But we work so well together in the Windass home and I absolutely adore working on set with them all. 


Would you like to see Owen get back on his feet?
Yes. It’s taken a long time for Owen to get settled and be happy as it’s not always been an easy ride for him. Anna has been good for him, but this has really set them back. It’s been a fantastic storyline but I would like Owen and Anna to be able to be happy again.