Review – Frozen: the Sing-a-Long version

What happened when a cinema full of parents and children were allowed to sing along to the smash hit Disney movie Frozen? Well, Ben Dowell braved the West End this weekend to find out


So you’re a parent, your kids are obsessed with Frozen, the smash-hit Disney musical and for a change you are allowed to try out a new way of watching this movie phenomenon: in a packed cinema with small children and parents who are being positively encouraged to sing aloud to their favourite songs…..


Sound like hell?

Well, if you ever get a chance to go to a sing-a-long version of the musical then, it’s actually something I would thoroughly recommend.

For one thing I had never sat through the movie in its entirety – having only watched snatches of the multiple viewings my Frozen-obsessed daughters (aged 2 and 5) have undertaken over the past weeks. And it is really rather brilliant.

As well as being a toe-tappingly rousing musical it’s a great story of sisterly love between Elsa and Anna where all the traditional tropes of Disney are turned on their head. The Prince isn’t quite who we thought he was and the redemption is done beautifully but without recourse to married happy ever afters. A true love’s kiss comes from your sister and best friend. It’s so modern and, dare I say it, radical.

But never mind all that. What did the real target audience make of it?

Well, how do you think a bunch of kids enjoyed not only watching their favourite film AND being able to make noise in a cinema….

Let’s say it was wonderfully raucous and they all had a lot of fun.


So to coin I phrase that seems to be rattling around my head at the moment, I suggest you “let it go” and try and get to the many cinemas showing it in sing-a-long format. Or check it out online, complete with lyrics….