Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

2-6 June: a guilt-ridden Chris tries to find a liver donor for Leah, while Phoebe tests Kyle’s loyalty


Monday 2 June


Chris wants to make amends for the harm done by his risotto. A suggestion by Denny gives him an idea of how to help Leah. Alf is recovering in hospital, but is being driven crazy by Marilyn’s fussing. Ricky is back from London and anxious to speak to Nate, but he is busy with Leah. Phoebe wants reassurance that Kyle will prioritise her over his brothers. News of Brax’s accident soon puts Kyle to the test. 

Tuesday 3 June

Worried that she could be putting her health at risk, John tries to stop Marilyn from volunteering to be tested as a liver donor for Leah. Evie’s plan to teach Zac a lesson by stealing the exam papers is a success when half her class are caught cheating. Brax and Casey are back from London, but has Brax put his health in jeopardy to follow Ricky? Cheryl arouses suspicion by behaving nicely to her sons. Phoebe tells Kyle that she is happy to stay in Summer Bay. 

Wednesday 4 June

Evie is angry that Zac is dodging his responsibilities by not punishing her properly. Nate has to swallow his jealousy in order to treat Brax professionally after he collapses. Ricky’s constant presence by Brax’s side does not make his job any easier. Andy breaks into the hospital safe after discovering that Brax has an old baby photograph in his wallet. When he finds that it is identical to his own missing photograph, he confronts Brax. 

Thursday 5 June

Hannah is furious that Andy used her to break into the hospital safe. Has he finally gone too far? Bianca reacts badly to baby Harley, finding him a constant reminder of Heath’s betrayal and Rocco’s death. When Heath gives him Rocco’s old teddy bear to stop him crying, she storms out of the house. After a heart-to-heart with Alf, Spencer attempts to patch things up with Chris and Sasha. Later, Matt turns up at the Diner in a desperate state, begging Sasha for help. 

Friday 6 June


With Matt’s father now in rehab, his little sister Eloise has run away rather than be forced to live with an aunt. Sasha agrees to hide them in the Diner, but helps Matt to see his sister’s situation in a new light. While Leah awaits the outcome of tests, Jett berates John for not volunteering to be an organ donor. Cheryl has some stern words for Bianca about her reaction to Harley.