Britain’s Got Talent, Wallander, Fawlty Towers – best TV on tonight

Save tonight for BGT, Wallander and a Fawlty Towers throwback on Saturday 31 May

Britain’s Got Talent – 7pm, ITV


Traditionally, BGT would have a week of live shows culminating in a Saturday-night finale so we could decide which act we wanted to win while they were all fresh in our minds. But, since 2013, they’ve made us wait a week to see the final show. Is it a ploy to get more phone votes or to rack up the tension? 

So two more acts join the eight we’ve already voted through. Of course, there’ll probably have been a wild card addition, and there may well have been a few more twists to shake things up – you can never tell with Mr Cowell.

Fawlty Towers – 8pm, BBC2

Assuming you haven’t got the VHS, the DVD or seen it seven times on Gold, The Psychiatrist (series 2 episode 2: “Watery Fowls”) looks as zingy and agonising as it did in 1979. 

Sybil flirts with an open-shirted guest (or “Piltdown ponce”) while Basil fawns on a couple who are both doctors – until he learns one is a psychiatrist. There’s so much to love in the way that from there his spasms of overreaction build to disaster on the first-floor landing, not least the insults exchanged by the “brilliantine stick insect” and the “coiffured old sow”.

Wallander – 9pm, BBC4

“Thirty-five years’ experience as an inspector tells me that, come tomorrow, I’ll know everything,” Kurt Wallander calmly informs the prime suspect in a murder case, and we have absolute confidence that he will. 

This third film, Betrayal, toys with us, seeming to indicate incredibly early on who the culprit is after a wealthy woman is hacked to death in her beachside house. Suspicion falls on the widower, inspirational author Erik Wredin (played by plank-like Finn, Tobias Zilliacus). But is the solution really so obvious? And who are the two misfits who’ve recorded the killing via a security camera? 

Krister Henriksson, a master of subtlety, is wonderful in this episode, as Kurt forms a paternal bond with the victim’s daughter, perhaps atoning for his own troubled past with Linda. There are further signs of his failing faculties but, as the poignant ending shows, in the face of a mystery, Kurt is always first to know.


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