Joey Barton and Piers Morgan prepare for Question Time battle on Twitter

Le Pitbull and the #TallyhoTerror have been squaring up to one another ahead of tonight's showdown


Like two heavyweight fighters at the weigh-in, Joey Barton and Piers Morgan have been using Twitter to build the anticipation of a showdown on tonight’s Question Time. 


Morgan, who lovingly refers to Barton as “Le Pitbull”, has called into question the QPR footballer’s political credentials, while Barton illustrates the size of the task ahead of him by pasting the #TallyhoTerror’s head on to a sumo wrestler’s shoulders, before warning “not the 1st time I’ve been underestimated, don’t expect it to be the last”.

Meanwhile, the bookies have got in on the act too, offering odds that bum-showing philosopher Barton will at some point quote Nietzsche, while rabid Arsenal fan Morgan (back in the country after his US talk show was canned) won’t be able to resist mentioning the Gunner’s manager Arsene Wenger.

One way or another, this looks like being a clash not to be missed. Let’s just hope referee David Dimbleby is prepared to break ’em up if things get tasty…


Question Time is tonight at 10:35pm on BBC1