Stephen Mangan on Stephen Mangan: “the enigmatic voice of Postman Pat and that bloke off Episodes”

The Green Wing actor talks fame, Simon Cowbell and being overlooked for Ronan Keating...

Stephen Mangan sounds mysteriously like Ronan Keating in his new film Postman Pat: The Movie. Why? “They asked him first,” explains the self-proclaimed “enigmatic voice of Postman Pat”. “I sing like an angel…with laryngitis,” he clarifies. 


Greendale’s famous postman is back for a new silver screen outing which sees him realise global fame on nationwide talent contest You’re the One hosted by Simon Cowbell (yes, you read that right). Is Mangan worried about how the Postman Pat purists will respond to his 21st century incarnation? “I know that you’re never going to please everybody.”

Has he ever been seduced by fame and fortune in the way Pat is? “My career has been a slow burn. It wasn’t as if i was discovered aged 18 and had groupies throwing themselves at me from that moment on. I don’t feel as if it’s ever really been an issue,” he says, before wryly adding, “I’ve got a room full of cocaine and prostitutes next door, obviously.”


Postman Pat: The Movie also stars David Tennant, Rupert Grint, Jim Broadbent and Ronan Keating and is released in UK cinemas on Friday 23 May