Home and Away spoilers: the week ahead in Summer Bay

26-30 May: Brax and Heath try to sort out their troubled love lives in London. Plus Leah's condition worsens

Monday 26 May


Brax, Heath and Casey arrive in London, but will Ricky and Bianca talk to them? Kyle is upset that Phoebe is not returning his calls and Tamara is quietly devastated when he follows her advice by closing the restaurant and heading to Melbourne. Confused after his break-up with Sasha, Spencer spends more time with Maddy, but he completely misreads the signs and tries to kiss her.

Tuesday 27 May

In London, Brax’s attempt to get Ricky back ends in a terrible accident, Bianca and Heath finally talk, but their future is left in limbo, while Casey begins a holiday romance after meeting someone on a sightseeing tour. Back in Summer Bay, Spencer apologises to Maddy for the kiss, but she tells him to leave her and Josh alone, and John and Marilyn reach an agreement on how to proceed without upsetting Alf.

Wednesday 28 May

Unaware that Brax is in a critical condition in hospital and his medical history is needed, Casey pursues his new holiday romance while the others are too preoccupied to answer the phone. Chris prepares a risotto to impress Denny, but tests it on Summer Bay residents with frightening results. Nate is furious to discover that Brax is visiting
Ricky in London.

Thursday 29 May

As Brax’s condition worsens, Casey asks Heath to persuade Ricky to visit him in hospital. Nate finds Leah barely conscious and rushes her to hospital, while out in the boat Alf’s symptoms also worsen. Stepping into Bianca’s role at Summer Bay High overwhelms Zac and he turns to alcohol to help ease his stress.

Friday 30 May


As Leah’s condition worsens, Nate fears that she may need a liver transplant. Alf fares better, but Chris is consumed by guilt. At Angelo’s, a drunken Zac lets slip to Tamara and Kyle that heslept with Bianca. Evie is angry when he stays out all night and decides to teach him a lesson by stealing the exam answers from his bag. Kyle is back, having failed to find Phoebe. Later, he receives a surprise visitor.