Big Brother 2014: What to expect from series 15

Emma Willis and Rylan Clark are back to guide us through a somewhat Hunger Games-esque Big Brother: Power Trip

Get those cameras rolling, another batch of complete strangers are heading into the Big Brother house.


Yep, once again a host of housemates are to spend their summer under the watchful eye of Big Brother and his all-seeing cameras.

Now that we’re fifteen series in, you’d think we’d be pretty up on what’s going to happen. People go in, have a few rows, a couple of rowdy parties, some are liked, some are disliked and eventually there’s a winner.

But Big Brother is rather good at keeping us on our toes.

Remember last year, it was all eco-friendly and recycling focused? Well, this year the theme is power

Big Brother: Power Trip is set to give housemates the chance not just to win power, but to wield it over the other BB contestants.

Judging by the trailer, it’s all rather Hunger Games-esque. 

“Contestant selected! Contestant selected! Contestant selected!” booms a computerised voice, as returning hosts Emma Willis and Rylan Clark lead proceedings in their militaristic get up. 

“I want the plotters, the schemers… they’re so much more fun. After all, there’s no ‘I’ in team,” Willis almost purrs.

“There’s something about the nasty, the ruthless,” adds Rylan, kicking things over as he goes.

Willis will share the power theme with contestants on launch night. Plus, she’ll be telling us at home, yes you and I, how we can also hold power over the housemates.

Talking of launch night, just like last year, there are going to be two live shows to kick the series off. Sources close to the show tell us it’s not been exactly detailed how it will play out. But if it follows last year, six housemates will go in one night and ten the other. This year it all takes place over the 5th and 6th of June.

Of course, once the housemates are in the house, we need people to guide us through it all. Alongside Willis and Rylan, Luisa Zissman (originally of The Apprentice fame) will take part as a roving reporter. Luisa will be out and about chatting to the public, as well as being a regular panelist on spin-off show Bit on the Side and the psychology-focused Bit on the Psych, too. You know the one, where experts try to figure out why the contestants are behaving the way they are in front of the cameras.

The power theme is going to extend to the house itself, as well. If housemates had ideas of fluffy cushions, squishy sofas and luxurious beds, they’ll be sorely disappointed. Power means technology and technology means futuristic. So expect large open spaces, clean lines and probably a whole heap of techy equipment.

Sixteen housemates, a bunch of technology but no Facebook and Twitter. That’s a recipe for happiness, right?

Check out the trailer:


Big Brother: Power Trip starts 9:00pm, June 5 on Channel 5