Frank Skinner: Doctor Who is making me a “bad dad”

The Room 101 presenter wants to be in Doctor Who so much that he's missing his son's second birthday...

Frank Skinner really wants to be in Doctor Who. 


In fact, the 57-year-old comedian says he has “thought about being in Doctor Who about every four and a half minutes” for years. 

And this year the Who superfan’s dreams are finally set to come true. Skinner has just been cast in an upcoming episode of the hit BBC1 sci-fi series – and now that it’s happened nothing is going to get in the way of him achieving his goal. 

Not even his son’s second birthday. 

“I’m afraid I’ve gone deep into bad dad territory,” Skinner admitted on his Absolute Radio show. “Because in order to be in Doctor Who, one of the filming days is Buzz’s birthday. So I’m having to miss it.”

This isn’t even the first time Doctor Who has got in the way of Buzz’s childhood milestones. 

“I feel a bit bad because I missed his first steps because I was at a screening of Remembrance of the Daleks,” confessed Skinner.

He does have a plan for making it up to this little boy, though.

The plan is to just make another birthday. We could just pick any date we like. Just pick a nice weather day.”

We’re not entirely sure that’s how birthdays work Frank… But we bet having your dad in Doctor Who makes up for it a little bit.


Frank Skinner will star in the eighth series of Doctor Who alongside Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman.