Should adorkable, duckface or fatberg be in the English Dictionary?

The power to make it happen is in your hands, Twitter users...

Adorkable, duckface, fatberg, felfie…


What do all these slightly strange words have in common, we hear you ask?  

Well, the wordsmiths over at Collins are looking to Twitter to find a new word worthy of being immortalised in the latest edition of the English Dictionary.  

And for the very first time, Twitter users are getting a say in which word will make it into those hallowed pages. 

“We all love a new word especially when they are combined to make the perfect 140 character message,” reads a statement from the Dictionary maker, “so Collins is turning to Twitter to find out which of the newest words in the English language should make it into the fabulous, new twelfth edition of the Collins English Dictionary.”

These viral gems have made it to the shortlist. (Don’t be alarmed if you’re not sure what any of them mean. We weren’t aware a #felfie was a thing either…)

Adorkable – dorky in an adorable way

Duckface – the traditional ‘pouting’ facial expression in selfies

Euromaidan – the original pro-Europe protests in Ukraine, named for Maidan Square in Kiev

Fatberg – a large mass of solid waste, grease, etc, clogging a sewage system 

Felfie – a farmer selfie

Fracktivist – an activist who protests against fracking 

Gaybourhood – gay-friendly neighbourhood, eg Castro in San Francisco

Nomakeupselfie – a selfie of a woman without make-up, posting online to raise awareness for a charity

Vaguebooking – posting deliberately vague status updates on social media to prompt a response 

If you think any of these words have the gravitas to make it into our lasting vocabulary, you’ve got until 28 May to have your say