Glengarry Glen Ross, Jindabyne and Romancing the Stone – best films on TV tonight

Make Tuesday a film night with our pick of the best films on TV tonight Tuesday 20 May


Romancing the Stone – 8pm, E4


In this cracking jungle-set treasure hunt, director Robert Zemeckis spices up a deliberately old-fashioned matinée adventure with tongue-in-cheek gags, unpredictably clever touches and top-of-the-range action. Kathleen Turner gives an exhilarating performance as the New York novelist who forsakes her cosy Manhattan lifestyle to rescue her sister in the jungles of Colombia. Turner dazzles in a role that proved a career turning point, and there’s a wonderful chemistry between her and world-weary co-star Michael Douglas.

Glengarry Glen Ross – 9pm, True Entertainment

Rarely moving outside the real-estate office where four salesmen are under pressure to sell more or lose their jobs, the film speaks forcefully about decency being snuffed out by desire, good men taking wrong turnings despite their best efforts and the stench of the American Dream gone mad. Al Pacino, Jack Lemmon, Alan Arkin and Ed Harris give note-perfect ensemble performances, Alec Baldwin appears in a telling cameo and there’s a major early role for Kevin Spacey. You can only gawp at such ability.

Jindabyne – 11:40pm, BBC1

Drama starring Laura Linney and Gabriel Byrne. Stewart Kane (an Irishman living in the town of Jindabyne, Australia) has a passion for angling, so when he and three friends organise a weekend fishing trip, they are keen to have no interruptions. However, the discovery of the dead body of an Aboriginal woman soon has a shattering effect on their lives.

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