Burton and Taylor’s Dominic West: I’m more comfortable not trying to be a star

The Bafta-nominated actor talks ensemble casts, one-man shows and taking a road trip with Helena Bonham Carter

Your favourite TV double act?


Rob Brydon and Steve Coogan are fantastic together in The Trip. They’re a similar age to me and talk about s*** that bothers me as well. They ate at lovely restaurants, drove through beautiful countryside…

Who would you take a road trip with?

I’ve had a lot of fun in the past with John Simm and Michael Fassbender, and Helena [Bonham Carter, his Burton and Taylor co-star], actually. I’d definitely have a good time with her! But I do love being on my own and I need to be on my own quite regularly, maybe because I grew up in a very large family and now have five kids.

Where do you escape to?

I like mountains – somewhere very isolated. I’ve just been filming in Bradford and I got the train and escaped to the Yorkshire Dales. I had a great time going up Ingleborough. It’s a really good way to recharge and refocus.

Do you enjoy working alongside others?

I’ve always been more comfortable in an ensemble rather than trying to be a star but it would be great to develop a one-man show. I’m a big fan of William Morris, the arts and crafts socialist leader, and always thought I could do one on him – it’s just a question of finding the time.

Who should win RT’s Audience Award?

The only one I’ve seen is Educating Yorkshire. I went to a posh school down south, so it wasn’t very similar to my own school experience but I thought it was amazing so I’d love that to win.


British Academy Television Awards are on Sunday 18 May at 8:00pm on BBC1.