Coronation Street spoilers: Tina’s murder – the four suspects revealed

But will it be Carla, Peter, Rob or Tracy who commits the wicked crime?


Tina McIntyre’s enemy count is currently on the up and she’s about to come to a very grisly end. Yes, the Rovers barmaid will meet her maker in an upcoming episode and there are four candidates vying to finish her off. 


Either Carla, Peter, Rob or Tracy will be the one to commit the crime as a heated row on the balcony of the builder’s yard spins out of control. In scenes to be shown on Tuesday 27 May, Tina’s killer will be revealed, but – in the meantime – let’s take a look at the motives of the main suspects:

Carla Barlow
Could the killer be Peter’s pregnant and wronged wife, Carla? She’s set to learn that Peter has had an extra-marital fling with the babysitter and it’s news that could send the knicker factory boss into a murderous rage. Will Carla ensure that Tina never lays a finger on serial cheater Peter again?

Says actress Alison King: “Carla has stuck by Peter through thick and thin and Tina has been her friend throughout it all – or so she thought. When she discovers about the truth about Peter and Tina it will destroy her.

“There is no way Carla would not confront Tina – it is the first thing she would do. When Carla is angry there is no stopping her, she will feel betrayed by both Tina and Peter. She knows Peter is a weak man, she won’t forgive that but the betrayal by Tina is different. She has confided in her and relied on her to help with Peter and Simon.

“Carla will want answers but when she confronts Tina emotions will be running high and hell hath no fury like a woman scorned!”

Peter Barlow
We know that alcoholic love cheat Peter has many flaws, but is he capable of killing? The adulterous so-and-so bedded Tina before discarding her in favour of his beloved wife Carla. We know that Tina has been left angry enough to spoil his supposed happy ever after, but will she end up sealing her fate by pushing Peter to the brink of despair?

On the chances of his character turning into a killer, Chris Gascoyne says: “Peter is a weak man who has made many many mistakes in his time. Is he capable of murder? Well maybe if it was an accident! He really should make a clean break from Tina and the relationship in order to concentrate on rebuilding his relationship with Carla and prove to her that he will be a good father to their baby.

“But he gets to the stage where he lets Tina think they are going to run away together to Portsmouth, when he has no intention of doing that. Instead of just telling her, he lets her pack her bags and even order the taxi and tells her he will meet her. But then she finds out Carla is pregnant and she threatens to tell Carla everything.

“Peter fears he is going to lose Carla and the baby. He never really loved Tina – he said he did but he didn’t. Carla is the love of his life and he is desperate to save his marriage – getting rid of Tina could be the only option.”

Rob Donovan
Tina has been playing with fire by taunting Rob for his dodgy dealings at Barlow’s Buys. But when the penny drops for Rob that Tina has been having an affair with his sister’s husband, it looks like he’ll have double the reason for lashing out. Will Rob do the deed in an effort to avoid going back to prison and to protect his sis?

Adds actor Marc Baylis: “Ever since his brief fling with Tina, Rob has been very wary of her. He has managed to win Tracy back and their business is on the up but he knows that Tina could bring it all crashing down. He has also had his suspicions about Tina and Peter and when he discovers the truth about their affair he is determined to make sure Tina doesn’t tell Carla. As much as Rob doesn’t think Peter is good enough for his sister, now that he knows she is pregnant he wants her to be happy.

“Rob is not someone who is afraid of confrontation and will be determined to try and persuade Tina to keep quiet about both the affair and what she knows about the business. If she refuses then who knows what could happen.”

Tracy Barlow
Tina has a knack for winding up her archenemy Tracy, but will their animosity come to a fatal end? Tracy has a longstanding reason to seek revenge on the woman who almost cost her her most successful relationship to date. And with Tina also keeping tabs on the stock at Barlow’s Buys, this could end up being all the ammunition that Tracy needs.

Kate Ford, who plays Tracy, says: “Tracy has committed murder before and got away with it and she certainly takes no prisoners when it comes to getting revenge on people who have wronged her.

“She has never really forgiven Tina for kissing Rob and trying to take him off her and for her campaign to try and close down Barlow’s Buys when they first opened.

“Now that she knows that Tina has rumbled their dodgy dealings with Tony it may be that she thinks enough is enough and slips away from her engagement party to confront her – but Tina is every bit as feisty and Tracy might have bitten off more than she can chew trying to keep her quiet.”

ITV has filmed four separate endings to the story which can be seen on the soap’s official website from midday tomorrow, while Tina’s life is set to hang in the balance until her fight comes to an end in hospital on Monday 2 June. 

Show bosses are promising that Tina’s death will have “far-reaching consequences for many residents”, with questions being raised about whether the murderer will walk free leaving an innocent suspect to take the rap…