21 Jump Street, Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, X2 – best films on TV tonight

Read our guide to the best movies to round off the weekend, with films starring Channing Tatum, Hugh Jackman and Ian McKellen all showing tonight

21 Jump Street, 10pm – C5


Though it shares the same title and basic premise as the cheesy 1980s TV show, there’s not much else that this update has in common with the series that rocketed Johnny Depp to stardom. Buddy comedies stand or fall on the quality of the comic pairing, and while Jonah Hill is certainly a lot of fun as the needy nerd, it’s pin-up Channing Tatum who really shines as the jock cop who believes that arrested criminals should be informed that they “have the right to be an attorney”.

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope, 7.30pm – ITV2

Endlessly imitated but never rivalled, this opening instalment of George Lucas’s original space trilogy dresses up the timeless tale of good versus evil with ground-breaking special effects and a dazzling array of intergalactic characters. Breathless action collides with sci-fi theatrics and more than a hint of mysticism to create a new style of cinema that remains unmatched for sheer entertainment value.

X2, 7.30pm – C5

The first X-Men movie was burdened with having to set out the stall for an intended franchise; this sequel capitalises on the original’s groundwork and pays the audience back in spades. This is what a mega-budget comic-book action movie should be – from its breathtaking opening assault on the White House, the pace never lets up.

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