Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie could take over the world says BBC Films boss

Christine Langan tells that the distributors Universal are "confident" about the June release of D'Movie which could see the Irish star break America - but she insists that her priority is appealing to domestic audiences

Mrs Brown’s Boys D’Movie could make Brendan O’Carroll’s hit comedy creation an international star according to the BBC Films boss.


Christine Langan, who has run the BBC Films department for more than five years told that distributors Universal are “very confident” in the film which is scheduled for a release next month.

O’Carroll already has a following in the US and Langan seems hopeful that the film could see him break through across the Atlantic – although she insists that the priority is appealing to domestic audiences.

“Universal are distributing it and they’re very confident. And it’s very feel-good. Hopefully it will be a summer hit. With British comedy, you really look to make it work in your own territory and then you make greater assessments of how they might travel.”

D’Plot sees our heroine battling a ruthless developer tries to shut her Moore Street market stall. Aided by the Brown family and “a motley troop of blind trainee Ninjas, an alcoholic solicitor, and a barrister with Tourettes Syndrome”, d’mother of all battles is on to save it.

Directed by Mrs Brown’s Boys director, Ben Kellett, D’Movie is released in UK cinemas on 27 June.

“It’s very energetic – and very characteristic of what he does in his TV show- all the cast and lots of tropes from the show,” said Langan.

She added: “Brendan has a very good instinctive understanding of how to make the leap from the small screen to the big screen, and that’s absolutely imperative if you’re going to go on this future film adventure.

“It could be fraught, taking something that works beautifully on TV for its fans and then going to the big screen, but I think he’s got a lot of experience, a lot of life experience. He’s a very, very smart guy, and he’s made the transition very well. So there’s definitely extra bang for your buck if you like.”

Langan added that the success of British comedy The Inbetweeners Movie and the Alan Partridge film Alpha Papa has been encouraging.

She added: “We saw The Inbetweeners and we were encouraged that Alan Partridge, the movie which we had had in development for years, might do well and it did, so you just take encouragement from British successes.

“We love our films to get out there and do well on the international stage, but [we also want to] push the ceiling of British box office figures.”