Dawn French and Bear Grylls recreate that Spider-Man kiss

Who better to get hanging upside down than a professional adventurer?

Bear Grylls is going all Spider-Man on tonight’s The Graham Norton show – and not to slay any baddies, to have a smooch with Dawn French. 


The comedian is doing rather well for herself, also dishing on the time she got to kiss Hollywood hottie Brad Pitt

Of course, being the butch adventurer that he is, Grylls isn’t doing this by halves. In fact, he’s hoisted upside down to recreate the iconic kiss from the superhero film. 

To be clear, this isn’t just a random idea that the show producers had for tonight’s show. Spider-Man star Kirsten Dunst is on the show. Back when she was playing the role of MJ to Tobey Maguire’s Spidey, she says: 

“We wanted it to be good, but I never expected it to be so epic. You never know when you are making these things.”

Grylls could actually make a rather good Spider-Man with his outdoor antics. Although, we’ve already found out his weakness – ovens. 

“I was doing a commercial in America and I had to take my shirt off and I have a scar on my chest. The female director asked if a crocodile had done it and I didn’t know whether to admit the truth that I had taken a pizza out of the oven without my shirt on!

“I thought if I told her she would be so disappointed and I would have gone from hero to zero in her eyes in five seconds.”

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